Personal Training Program

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  • A QUESTIONNAIRE that will help us get to know your goals in detail, get to know more about the methods you have used previously and where you came short while giving your best effort to achieve results.
  • After we receive the filled questionnaire, we will need 3 days to work out a PERSONAL TRAINING PROGRAM for you + a TABLE, that will hep us monitor your progress. You will receive videos with the basic, compound movements, that will help you learn the proper exercise technique, so you can make sure that you take the most out of the training program.
  • 4 FREE E-mail CONSULTATIONS where we will give your more advice about your training program – one at the end of each week, in the time frame of 1 month (4 weeks).
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Our personal training program, includes exercises which are structured in a way, that involves every muscle in your body in an efficient and balanced way. Our method allows you to achieve the best results, in an optimally short period of time, while making enough efforts. Depending on your goals, the program will be personalized, especially for you, so you can lose weight, achieve a lean body and improve your physical conditioning. You will receive advices how to achieve the desired goal and what are the mistakes you shouldn’t be making. If you are too busy, but you still give priority to your health and fitness, then our method is what will finally help you achieve the body you want, while improving your health.

– The training program is structured according to your personal goals and physical abilities: a program that suits your lifestyle and physical abilities, no matter your age or gender.

-We will evaluate your starting point, so we can structure a training program, that will help you achieve your goals in the shortest period of time.

-There isn’t magical programs. The best program doesn’t work, until we start acting. Get your program and give your best, so we could help you finally achieve your goals.

The training program includes:

-basic, compound movements, that could be done everywhere depending on the equipment you have or you don’t have;

-four week training program, that could be adapted to your progress

-explanations how to prepare for your workout ( warm- up, stretching and so forth)

-answers to the frequently asked questions about training.

– explanations of the exercises included in the program


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