Personal Nutrition Program

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  • A QUESTIONNAIRE that will help us get to know your goals in detail, get to know more about the methods you have used previously and where you came short while giving your best effort to achieve results.
  • After we receive the filled questionnaire, we will need 3 days to work out a PERSONAL NUTRITION PLAN for you + a TABLE, that will hep us monitor your progress.
  • 4 FREE E-mail CONSULTATIONS where we will give your more advice about your nutrition plan (one at the end of each week, in the time frame of 1 month (4 weeks).
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There isn’t a nutrition plan that suits all. Every one of us is different and we have different needs. There are different type of bodies and metabolisms. We will help you find out what works for you. The nutrition plan is structured in a way so it fits your goals and taste. By trying, experimenting and tracking how your body responds and how you feel, we will find what works the best for you.

The nutrition plan includes:

-a plan with meals that you could follow

-answers to the frequently asked questions about nutrition

-a questionnaire that will help you establish what is stopping you from achieving success with your nutrition

-advices that will help you to learn how to listen to your body and know what it craves

-advices how to consume the foods you want, without ruining your progress;

-advices about the fats you can use when you cook and those that you should ban.

-advices how to make healthy eating delicious

There isn’t magical programs. The best program doesn’t work, until we start acting. Get your program and give your best, so we could help you finally achieve your goals.


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